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Register for ECF/PACER

ECF Registration

For attorneys to file electronically in the CM/ECF system, the following requirements must be met:

Classroom training is available through the Court.  This option is beneficial for attorneys or staff members who prefer a hands-on learning experience in a classroom type setting.  An ECF Registration Form will be provided at the end of the training session and an account can be created the same day.  Please call 433-2200 for more information and to schedule a session.

The court provides a training database in which attorneys may try other filing events for themselves. To access the system, call the court for login information to the train database, and click this link.

Creditors may register to file using a limited account. To register, complete the ECF Limited Creditor Account Access Request Form.

Financial Management Course Providers may register to file using a limited account.  To register, complete the ECF Limited Financial Management Provider Access Request Form.

PACER Registration

PACER accounts allow the user to review public court records. Some searches are subject to a nominal fee which is listed on the Fee Schedule.

To register for a PACER account, please visit the PACER registration page.

For more information about PACER, please visit the PACER website.