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Maintaining Your User Account

Once you have obtained a login and password for ECF,  you will be able to make changes to your account.

The following features are located under the Utilities Menu item to make changes or updates to your ECF account:

Change Your Password - This feature is located under the Utilities menu item. This screen allows you to change your password. Please note that the password must contain at least eight characters, both uppercase and lowercase letter and at least one digit or special character (e.g; @,#,$,%,&.

Maintain Your ECF Account - This feature will take you to the Maintain User Account window where you have the ability to update your account information. Click on these tabs to edit additional account information:

  • Email Information - Email addresses associated with your account can be modified, added, or deleted. If you would like notices on any additional cases, you may enter their case numbers in the space provided. You can also customize how you would like the electronic notices sent to the email addresses.
  • More User Information - Your current login name as well as the dates of activity will be displayed. This screen also allows you to view any filing agents you have associated with your account.