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Options for Document Redaction


File a Motion to Redact in each affected case and pay the associated filing fee for the motion.*

Registered e-filers may docket the motion and related pleadings and pay fees electronically in CM/ECF.

Alternatively, the original documents and fees may be mailed to the court for filing.

Include with the motion:

  • Certificate of service
  • Proposed order
  • Docket entry number or proof of claim number to be redacted
  • The redacted document




Ask the court to open a Miscellaneous Proceeding, usually for a large volume of impacted cases.

Pay the associated filing fees, which may include the following:

  • Opening a miscellaneous proceeding, also known as 'Filing any document not in a case' on the fee schedule
  • Motion to redact a record*
  • Motion to reopen a case - amount depends upon the chapter of bankruptcy


Documentation must be in its original form and mailed to the court:

  • Request to open a miscellaneous proceeding
  • Motion to redact with certificate of service and proposed order
  • Motion to seal with certificate of service and proposed order
  • IF the request is granted, provide the replacement document(s) to the court at a later date



Please refer to the current fee schedule on the Court Info tab.

*The fee for a Motion to Redact is per affected case, per filer, per instance - not per document or docket entry.  A separate fee is assessed for subsequent redaction requests for other reasons or pleadings in the same case.

Typically, closed cases are not reopened solely to redact personal identifiers from the case record.  However, whether to reopen a case and assess a reopening fee is ultimately a judicial determination.

For reference, see Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037(h).