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Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

  1. Do I need both a PACER account and a CM/ECF account to file electronically?
    Yes. To file documents electronically via CM/ECF you will need to use your Court issued login and password. However, to view documents, query and run reports in CM/ECF, you will need to use your PACER login and password.
  2. I have a login and password from District Court. Can I use that to log into the Bankruptcy Court’s ECF system too?
    No. Each court issues its own unique login and password, as well as operates using a separate ECF database.
  3. How can I get a login and password for CM/ECF?
    Please visit our website at, for requirements and instructions.
  4. I forgot my CM/ECF login and/or password and now I am locked out of the system, what should I do?
    If you forget your court issued login or password for CM/ECF, please contact the court at (307) 433-2200 and one of our Case Administrators can assist you with resetting your login or password.
  5. Why do I get a second login screen after I’ve already logged into CM/ECF?
    This is usually the PACER login screen, which you get when you attempt to access a report or document from a case right after logging into CM/ECF. When you login to PACER, you may click on the box that says "make this my default login" which should allow you to continue in ECF without having to login to PACER multiple times. Contact the PACER Service Center for more information.
  6. How is payment of filing fees handled in ECF?
    In order to receive a CM/ECF login and password, you must verify that you have a valid credit card which will allow you to pay fees electronically in ECF.
  7. What should I do if I’ve already paid the fee for a new case, Relief from Stay, etc. but it still shows that I owe that fee?
    If you believe you have made a proper payment for a filing fee, yet CM/ECF still shows an outstanding balance due, please contact the Court so that our Financial Administrator may take a look. If there is a chance you hit the back button, then you may have already paid, so it is important to contact the Court for assistance.
  8. What do I do if I have failed to pay a fee and then get locked out of ECF?The CM/ECF system will automatically lock out a user who has not paid filing fees within 72 hours of the electronic filing a pleading requiring a fee. If this does occur, you will still be able to log in to ECF; however your Bankruptcy and Adversary menus will be blank. In order to remove the lockout, simply go to Utilities>Internet Fees Due, and from there proceed to pay the outstanding balance(s), and your filing privileges should then be restored. Keep in mind that you may need to clear your cache if your menu items still do not appear after payment has been made.
  9. What is the required format for filing documents in CM/ECF? Documents must be filed using the Portable Document File (PDF) format. Adobe Acrobat is the most common commercial software program that allows a document to be saved in the PDF format. Additionally, all PDF documents uploaded into the ECF system must be 8.5 x 11 inches. Any other size will not be accepted by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center.
  10. I keep getting an error message that reads "Document is not a well-formed PDF," what does this mean?
    If you get a message that reads "Document is not a well-formed PDF", then your file size is probably too large. CM/ECF has a file size limitation of 15 MB per document. If necessary, you may have to divide your document into smaller PDF files and upload each file as a separate attachment. Photos and graphics can also contribute to a file size being too large.

    All PDF files should be scanned using the black and white setting, NOT grayscale or color. The recommended resolution setting is 200 or 300 dpi, but anything over 300 dpi is not recommended.

  11. What should I do if the document I am trying to file is not listed in the "pick-list" of document events?
    It is important to use the correct "Docket Event" when filing any pleading, as it allows CM/ECF to then trigger the proper associated actions for the document that is being filed, such as producing notices and setting deadlines. If you file a document under an incorrect event, it may result in you having to re-file the documents as well as result in a delay in the processing of those documents. The SEARCH menu item can be very helpful to find filing events. When searching use key words (e.g., to find a Motion for Relief from Stay you can type "relief" and all events with the word relief will be displayed).

    If you find you are unable to find the correct event for a pleading after searching the available "Docket Events," please contact the Court at (307) 433-2200 so that a Case Administrator can assist in choosing the most appropriate event to use. Moreover, if it is after regular business hours please try your best to determine if a more generic event can be used. For instance, a "Motion to Extend Time to File a Chapter 13 Plan" could be filed using the "Motion to Extend Time."

  12. What do I do if I filed something incorrectly?
    If you have filed something using the incorrect event, or perhaps attached the wrong document, please contact the Court as soon as possible so that we may assist you with the necessary actions to fix the error(s).

  13.  What should I do if CM/ECF doesn’t seem to be loading properly?
    If you find that a page in CM/ECF isn’t loading properly (i.e., a menu selection that’s usually available is mysteriously absent), a likely culprit is a full cache folder on your computer. It is recommended that you clean out your cache frequently in order to avoid such issues. Contact the systems administrator for your office if you need help clearing your cache.

    It is also important that your Internet Browser is set to allow pop-up windows from CM/ECF as some of the screens in CM/ECF utilize them. Party information windows appear as pop-ups and all internet credit card payment screens work through pop-ups also.

  14. Are their resources available for training new staff in CM/ECF?
    Yes, the CM/ECF Train database is an excellent resource to use when training new attorneys and/or their staff. Our court’s training database a allows attorneys and their staff to practice electronically filing before going live. Please contact our office to get the necessary login and password information.
  15. I am having problems with case upload, can you help with that?
    In general, we are unable to assist callers with technical questions regarding software programs installed on their computers (e.g., petition preparation software such as Best Case, EZ File, etc.). Questions regarding your software should be directed to the software vendor’s technical assistance providers.
  16. I can’t seem to get my creditor’s matrix to load properly, why is this?
    Please make sure that your matrix is in the proper .txt format, as that is the only format we will accept for a matrix. Also, make sure there are no lines that begin with non-word characters.
  17. Why am I not receiving e-mail notices from ECF?
    There are a few possibilities as to why you may not be receiving email notices for cases in which you are involved in. If your email address has changed, make sure you have also changed it in ECF. It could also be a matter of your email simply being entered incorrectly in ECF.

    Also make sure that your Internet Service Provider doesn’t have a spam blocker that may interfere with receiving notices. Contact your ISP to make sure that is not being blocked.

  18. What is required for signatures when filing in CM/ECF?There are a couple options for indicating a signature when  e-filing documents. These options include submitting a scanned copy of the originally signed document; attaching a scanned copy of the signature page(s) to the electronic documents, or by typing /s/ followed by the name of the person signing the document.