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Fee changes coming December 1, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

At its September 2014 session, the Judicial Conference approved a few changes to the bankruptcy court miscellaneous fee schedule, effective December 1, 2014.  First, the Conference approved an increase of $50 to the fee assessed under Item 14 of the schedule (from $157 to $207) when a direct bankruptcy appeal is accepted by a court of appeals.  Second, the Conference established a $25 fee (Item 21) to file a motion to make redactions to previously filed records in a bankruptcy case.  The fee is intended to be charged for each affected case.  The reopnening fee does not apply if redaction is the only purpose for reopening the case.  You can find these new and modified fees on the updated fee schedule effective December 1, 2014, which can be found under Court Info.