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Filing a Proof of Claim

Proof of Claims Forms are no longer provided and mailed with the Notice of Meeting of Creditors for Chapter 11, 12, and 13 cases. Also, the Notice Fixing Time to File Proof of Claims in a Chapter 7 asset case will no longer be accompanied by a claim form. A B10 Proof of Claim form can be obtained at

Follow the steps below to electronically docket a Proof of Claim.

  1. From the Bankruptcy Menu item, click on File Claims.
  2. Enter the case number in which you wish to file. You have the option to enter the creditor name on this screen or leave the Creditor Name box blank and select the creditor name in the drop down box on the next screen. Click Next.
  3. From the drop down box, select the correct creditor. If creditor does not appear in the drop down, you can add by clicking on Add Creditor or you can edit the creditor information by clicking on Edit Creditor.
  4. Once the correct creditor is selected, click Next. A pop-up box appears informing you if claims have already been filed or not on behalf of this creditor. It will also ask if this is the correct creditor. After clicking on Yes, the next screen allows you to enter the claim information, amount, and specify, if applicable, any secured or priority amounts. The Allowed section must be left blank. There are also fields for additional descriptions or remarks, if necessary.
  5. If the claim you are filing amends a previously filed claim, the number of the first claim will need to be entered in the Amends Claim # field. Click on the Find button to view all claims filed in this case and highlight the appropriate claim. Once selected, the amount fields will automatically populate the amounts for that claim and you will be able to edit them to match the amended claim.
  6. Once claim information is complete, click Next to browse and attach the PDF of your claim form along with any additional attachments. Click Next to complete the filing.